As I write this I am looking out of my window at slowly falling leaves, hinting that autumn is on its way. Children are now returned to school and the summer seems like a memory. 
In the church calendar, the months of October and November are months of remembering. During October we gather to remember all those who we love but see no more at the ‘Service for the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed’. This service offers us a chance to remember and celebrate all that we shared, whilst acknowledging the grief we may feel by lighting a candle in memory of our loved ones. 
The first week in November sees the celebration of ‘All Saints’. Without the Saints of the past we would not have such a varied history in our Church. Saints offer to us an example of Christian life and this year we will be celebrating some of those Saints in the family service on 5th November. 
The following Sunday is ‘Remembrance Sunday’. A time to remember those who stood on the front line to protect our country, to remember those left behind to keep the country going and to ensure our children remained safe. This is again a somber occasion where we pray for peace and commit to work towards a just future for all.
We remember so that we don’t forget. We hold onto memories which make us happy, which remind us of being loved, which allow us to give thanks for those who have given us so much and those memories which encourage us not to make the same mistakes in our future. Remembering together builds a community and I’m looking forward to remembering with you in these coming months. 
(Our website has details of each of these services.)