St Leonard's Church, Over Whitacre

Here's Becky with the font which is now in Holy Trinity, Sutton Coldfield.

Both of Becky's children were baptised in this font.

What to expect at a service at St Leonard's

If you're thinking of coming to a service at St Leonard's you'd be made very welcome. We have a service here on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month starting at 11am. There is plenty of parking in the car park by the village hall. Come in through the main door and someone will be there to welcome you. You can sit anywhere in these pews, you won't be taking someone's seat. 

The service will either be Holy Communion or Morning Prayer. There will be an order of service to guide you through but congregation members will happily help if there's anything you want to know. We will sing hymns from the hymn book and hear readings from the bible. The Priest or the Reader will reflect on the readings, the sermon is usually 7-10 minutes followed by prayers for the Church, the world and our community. 
We are a small congregation, maybe 8 or 10 of us. Anyone of any age is welcome.